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Our online coaching platform provides us with a global footprint to craft individualised training plans for individual and group runners of all abilities. This is how to join us:

  1. Improving your running requires commitment. Check our available packages and fees to make an informed decision about your development.
  2. If you would like to subscribe to one of our available packages, book an appointment to discuss your running history and our coaching philosophy.
  3. Once we’ve had a discussion and you’re happy to proceed with our services, then complete our online sign-up form.

Once you’ve signed up for our coaching services, we’ll onboard you to our coaching platform on Final Surge. Registered clients are billed at the start of every month, and coaching services can be ended with a month’s notice.

coaching | services

Individuals: You’re an individual with your personal needs, past experiences, aspirations, goals, and so much more. Our individual training plans are tailored around your specific needs. We offer two coaching options, based on your needs: ‘Peak’ and ‘Base Camp’

Groups and schools: If you represent a running group or school, we’ll create a bespoke training program for your group, which is geared towards your collective goals and events. 

package options & fees

Individuals: Base Camp

The package provides the essentials for your development as an athlete.
ZAR 1,150.00 billed monthly


Individuals: Peak Package

The package provides daily access to your coach, for athletes who require more frequent personal coaching.
Billed monthly


Group Package

Our 12-week plan is tailored for running groups or schools who need holistic guidance.
Once-off, based on group size



"Coach Martin walked this running journey with me. He did not only work out a program for me, but he helped me to take one step at a time to reach my goal injury-free."
"Since joining Snowy Mountain, I can see how I was going about things incorrectly. I have faith in my coach. If you don't, then you need to find the person that works for you and is aligned with your goals."
Adrian Tregoning
Mechanical Design Engineer
"I was too monotonous in the way I had trained for the first two years of running. Since starting with Snowy Mountain, I've seen a drop in my race times."
Andre Nel
Executive at University of Johannesburg

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