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Snowy Mountain Endurance (SNWY MT. ENDURANCE) is a running company specialising in run coaching, road and trail events, and building a diverse group of like-minded sports enthusiasts. 

Our online coaching platform provides us with a global footprint to craft individualised training plans for runners of all abilities. Our events are geared towards both elite and amateur runners. Join us for our weekly social runs – stay for a drink afterwards too.

complimentary appointment

We offer sports enthusiasts looking for more information on our coaching packages a free 45-minute voice or video call. Book your complimentary appointment at the link below. 

We will discuss your athletic experience (if any) and your short-range and long-term goals during the callYou should also get a better understanding of our training philosophy and how structured coaching can benefit you.

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"Coach Martin walked this running journey with me. He did not only work out a program for me, but he helped me to take one step at a time to reach my goal injury-free."
"Since joining Snowy Mountain, I can see how I was going about things incorrectly. I have faith in my coach. If you don't, then you need to find the person that works for you and is aligned with your goals."
Adrian Tregoning
Mechanical Design Engineer
"I was too monotonous in the way I had trained for the first two years of running. Since starting with Snowy Mountain, I've seen a drop in my race times."
Andre Nel
Executive at University of Johannesburg

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