frequently asked questions

There are no onboard or start-up fees. 

Our monthly coaching fees are:

  • Peak – ZAR 2,750.00 per month
  • Base Camp – ZAR 1,050.00 per month
  • Group – Contact us for a quote

Payment for the Peak and Base Camp coaching plans is either via EFT or a monthly debit order through PayStack, which accepts all major payment methods. We will send you the payment link once you have completed the sign-up form and we have had an initial consultation. 

The onboarding program requires three simple steps: 

  1. Check our available packages and fees to make an informed decision about your development.
  2. Book an appointment to discuss your running history and our coaching philosophy.
  3. Complete the sign-up form, link your GPS device to our Final Surge coaching platform, and make payment.

As a Snowy Mountain Endurance Athlete, there are no additional fees for your Final Surge membership. You will be linked to our coaching platform, where we plan, track, and analyse your training and workouts across various sports and activities.

Peak and Base Camp plan athletes will receive their workouts on Final Surge. We use this essential tool to set and analyse your workouts.

Athletes on the Group plan (12-week training program) will receive a PDF document with their weekly workouts. The workouts have descriptions to explain your warm-up, interval/tempo and cool-down periods and intensity.

The level of progress you attain from your training plan corresponds directly to the time you dedicate to it. For optimal results, we advise engaging in running sessions no less than three times a week, with a suggested minimum time commitment of two to three hours per week to effectively enhance your running abilities.

Yes. If you are paying your subscription on a 3 monthly basis, you are eligible for a 10% discount. 

Please ask us about this discount option before payment. 

For specific cases, we may offer a discount on our coaching packages for a couple. Kindly contact us for further information.

We recommend signing up for at least 3 months for you to see the real benefits of a structured training plan. However, you can cancel at any stage. See our cancellation policy below for more details.

Important: Deleting the FinalSurge application does not cancel your subscription.

You can cancel or suspend your coaching subscription with us at any stage. This must be done in writing (e-mail or text) a full month (30 days) before suspending or cancelling. 

Important: Deleting the FinalSurge application does not cancel your subscription.